30 Days is a social experiment I invented to my own delight and detriment. It's my way of slowing down the world and focusing on a single subject for an entire month no matter what life throws your way. It's also a bit of a style thing. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 30

All good things must end: It is finished

Day 1

God I’m hungry! Cinnamon and Sugar toast. On my way down to Chinatown for my monthly facialista. I don’t care what anyone says- they are the BEST at skincare. Also, no one could beat their prices. I’m talking about the most thorough facial you’ve ever experienced at a third of the price.

Day 2

Obsessed with football pants! They are the most comfortable things and, I’m just going to say, I kind of like the front pouch. Nothing like a day to take advantage of my “backyard,” or more commonly referred to in NY as fire escapes. It’s a nice way to get away from the hustle and be able to paint in the outdoor privacy of my fifth-floor walkup. Taking time to paint is my way of feeding my creative appetite.

Day 3

Breaking down a scene for class at Doma. I try to get over there on the Westside at least once a month for the great vibe and delicious treats. They request that patrons make cell phone calls outdoors for the sacredness (and how sacred it is) of human to human contact. At least that’s my take on it. This red leather jacket by Truth and Pride has made it’s way up to being one of my favorite articles of clothing.

Day 4

Atlas Café is one of my favorite neighborhood spots in the East Village. I go for a morning coffee as often as I can (which isn’t often enough)- and my favorite thing about the place is Mimi, who remembers almost every local’s name. I’m a big fan of having staple items in my closet, so these black skinny jeans by Sass and Bide are practically slept in.

Day 5

I think journaling keeps me sane. For those who know me well, I suppose that doesn’t say much for my journaling skills ☺. I rarely go anywhere without my journal. It doesn’t matter how much I’m lugging around in my bag, my journal is undoubtedly in there. These black riding boots by Cole Haan were my favorite things by far this winter. They are so amazing I got them in brown too!


Peter Pan’s rain boots? Absolutely! Wearing these are tricky, sometimes I have to plan an entire outfit around them, but they’re so fun. My skirt is actually a top. I tend to do that a lot with my clothes. I’ll see something in the store and think about how I can cut something off, or sew something on to make it work better for me.

Day 7

It’s rare to see me without my black leather jacket on. It’s such an easy way to change the look of an outfit completely, and bonus… it keeps you warm. A day like this is very typical for me. On any given day I am usually running uptown, downtown, eastside, westside, for castings or class. And of course the glasses- I wouldn’t find anything without them.

Day 8

Haha. This is the story of my life. Lines! I’m either studying a new scene, breaking it down, or memorizing lines. This scene is really fun though. It is a one act by Lanford Wilson called Home Free! I’ve been working on it for the last month or so.
I am loving bowler hats right now. This one is my friend’s - we swapped. I have a bigger head than he does, so as sad as it is- his fits me better.

Day 9

A visit to the nail salon is a weekly to monthly ritual for me, given that I do a lot of leg and feet work. There is a spa down in SoHo owned by the renowned makeup artist Wei Lang on Broadway that does one of the most thorough manicure/pedicures. It’s a nice departure from the typical nail salons you get on the street because the experience is very personalized. And of course, the leather jacket again.

Day 10

I love this vest! It’s so fun because from the front it looks like a scarf, but the back is really cute because it ties into a vest. Hats are KEY for unwashed hair days, and let’s just say I wear hats often. I got this one in the street market that travels all over the city weekend to weekend.

Day 11

It’s kind of amazing living right above a Chinese foot rub shop. The last time I went I was getting over the flu and I wanted to expel any leftover toxins from my body. The masseuse jumped on my back and asked me if the pressure was good enough- these women are stellar at getting deep into the tissue. True, I had tears in my eyes, but it was worth the pain.

Day 12

Elizabeth Street is one of the sweetest streets in the city. It really is quaint. I was having brunch with my friends at Café Habana—you can’t even dream up how good their corn on the cob is. These are the Cole Haan boots I love in the brown version. They are great to throw on over leggings, and I can’t tell you how amazing they are to run around in. Extremely comfortable.

Day 13

1st Avenue Park I think is what this is called. It’s so great to have the small pockets of fun intertwined around the city. I think this actually may be the only “big kid” swing on the whole playground, so I was getting the evil eye from some 10 year old. These huarache sandals are such a nice change from being in boots all winter. I’m loving them because they are close to my skin tone so they practically go with everything.

Day 14

Yes, I spend my spare time climbing trees. I’d say it’s fair to consider myself somewhat of a tomboy. It doesn’t help for work much because I’ll frequently have bruised legs or scratches, but sometimes the price of living is worth more than a couple of scratches. I love these moccasin boots. They’re not the easiest to pair outfits with, but during these middle months of amazing weather, I’ll try to get as much mileage out of them as I can.

Day 15

Cheeseburger! Landmark uptown for a cheeseburger lunch break…probably one of the best burgers in the city. The bartender isn’t too shabby either… In a pretty signature ensemble today, I’m in my throw it on and go combination…jeans, t-shirt, boots and leather jacket. I’m such a hat person too I’m surprised I’m not wearing one.

Day 16

My cozy cave I like to call a room. Again, going over lines for a scene I’m working on. As you can see, my shelves are filled with various books; plays, novels, non-fiction. I feel like I’m always involved in at least 2 at a time. Rufus makes his cameo appearance. This head wrap has been amazing for me on days like today when I just couldn’t bring myself to wash my hair and had to look semi human.

Day 17

Midtown, NYC. Honestly, a place to avoid at all costs. I unfortunately do not have that luxury because I’m here about 5 days a week for class. This dress is by TSEsay and I love it for the pockets. Really anything with pockets is high on my list of wearable garb. I’ve gone so far as to have pockets added to articles of clothing to satisfy my necessity for them.

Day 18

At the agency between castings. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these boots about 10 times now, but I’ll never get over them. They’re perfect for days like this when I’m running around, but still want to look decent to see clients. Plus, it’s raining outside and I feel like the more worn these boots get, the better they look and feel. My hair on rainy days…entirely different story.

Day 19

I love spring in the city! Especially weekends. I love being able to bum around in shorts and a sweatshirt. I especially love the West Village on days like today because there are so many coffee shops and little bakeries to pop into and grab little treats.

Day 20

Dodging puddles has become an event for spring. The weather is so crazy that at the drop of a hat it could be pouring. I actually love wearing sandals in the rain because you don’t have to worry about trekking around in soggy shoes.

Day 21

Juice! I can’t get my fill on Juice blends. My favorite might be what they call the “antioxidant elixir” which is a combination of beets, kale, apple, ginger, and celery. It is delicious! And so good for you! This is a frequent stop for me since it’s on my way to the subway, plus the switch from coffee seems a healthier option…

Day 22

Any excuse to get on a bike is reason enough for me to throw my legs over. It’s truly become a problem. I think they are so unsafe, but maybe that’s where most of the appeal sits. I would not take the same risk I did by wearing open toed shoes. I was just anxious to get into some summer wear!

Day 23

My home away from home. I’m at the studio at least 5 days a week, sometimes more if I’m rehearsing. I’m actually waiting to meet my partner outside to run lines before we do our scene for class. I have fallen in love with this head wrap. I got it a month ago and have worn it so much already. Love finds like that.

Day 24

Ah, the exclusivity of Gramercy Park. To sit on the outskirts looking in can only fuel the desire to be on the inside.

Day 25

Williamsburg for a fitting...these woven white slip-ons are so great. They have a cute shape like a Ked, but they’re woven so they breathe really well. It’s so nice to be able to take time out of a very full day and just sit to take everything in. I love doing this, even if it’s only for a couple minutes, it helps bring me back down and centers my focus.

Day 26

hmmm. We've seen this outfit before I'm sure... a couple times. These white glasses are it for me right now. You know when you get obsessed with something and it's with you practically everyday, all day- that's these glasses. Got to love St. Marks...

Day 27

I cannot say it enough times how much I love jumpers. They are so comfortable and I'm really excited places are carrying them because they were so hard to come by before. I got this one from Urban and know I'll be in all the time this summer.

Day 28

No idea what the real name for these pants is, but in my vocabulary they are frequently referred to as diaper pants. Comfort is a true theme in my wardrobe, so needless to say they are the most comfortable things to wear. These are by TSEsay and one of my favorite things about that brand is that pockets are almost always a given.

Day 29

I am loving the sun! Running lines on the Upper East. The denim dress is actually a skirt I got from H&M- again, loving the pockets.

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