30 Days is a social experiment I invented to my own delight and detriment. It's my way of slowing down the world and focusing on a single subject for an entire month no matter what life throws your way. It's also a bit of a style thing. Hope you like it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 19

Some days when you look so awesome, you can feel so shitty. I was walking from Church and the wind somehow blew my favorite vintage clip on bow tie off. I made it home anyhow bowtieless, but wearing one of my favorite capes. Sometimes you just need colour in your life to make life better. And nothingelse can make you feel more fabulous than a cape. Capes are lost staples in the male wardrobe. Now the frames that I am wearing are my real reading glasses and somehow I have seem to have lost them since this picture. So if anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these mentioned pieces please contact me or my stage manager at 555-fashionmisfit.com. There is a reward with no questions asked.

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