30 Days is a social experiment I invented to my own delight and detriment. It's my way of slowing down the world and focusing on a single subject for an entire month no matter what life throws your way. It's also a bit of a style thing. Hope you like it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 26

Today was a pretty great day - rode my bike into the city for work, which is always a blast going to, then left to go to Young-ja, my acupuncturist, for an appointment at 3. After an hour and a half of pricking and feeling amazing afterward, I hit the salon for a pedicure before going to Babbo for dinner at 6:15 with my friend's mum who is in town celebrating being asked to design a table display for MacKenzie Childs. I left my bike locked up in front, and after dinner, I was supposed to go to a fundraiser for the Cooke Foundation, but dinner lasted too long, so I ended up at the Maritime Hotel with some buddies for a few drinks before. As soon as it started to rain, I jumped a cab to my bike and rode it to my boyfriends house to keep it locked up before heading home to BK. Pretty early night...need sleep, my best friend arrives tomorrow from San Diego! WOOHOO!

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